Inspiration for Health Ministry, by LEM

The Path that Leads to Heaven

Leading Souls to Christ

(For this study, read also: Ministry of Healing Chapter 7)

Leading Souls to Christ

 “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life- no one comes to the father but by me” 14:6


What are some important details about the process of leading souls to know the Savior?


1. Demonstration of God’s love and character is what draws them to Christ (“we are His hands”).


2. Never force this kind of decision, must be patient- allow God to work



3. They need to have a thorough understanding and foundation first.


     Like pieces of a puzzle, these things formulate in the mind slowly.


5. As the mind is cleansed through keeping health principles, they will be more able to understand spiritual things.


6. Help them to feel and understand their need of Christ;


     Draw attention to our weakness, shortness of life, pain or sickness. (Checking blood pressure)

     Sometimes a family or personal crisis or difficulty will be the thing that triggers them to feel a need for God. 

     The law of God helps them understand our need of a Savior

     Also drawing attention to Christ and His great love for humanity is a way to bring people to conviction and repentance


7. Repentance and confession

     This is an important step- it’s not just about agreeing with intellectual beliefs

     Need to come to the point of acknowledging our weakness before God and our inability to help ourselves

     It doesn’t necessarily need to be very emotional (mistake of some)

     Lead them in prayer for repentance and confession, and asking God for help. Seeking forgiveness and healing from past hurts, problems and sins


8. Acceptance of salvation (after they are ready to accept Christ as their Savior from sin)- Ministry of Healing Ch 7 pp 18           


     Make this step in faith- believing that we are new in Him

     Need to make sure that the foundation was good- they understand that there are no other gods, that no other god has the power to save from sin, etc.

     Making sure they fully accept Christianity instead of just adding it to other religions,

     Taking the step of baptism as a symbol of their new life


9. They will need support in living the Christian life;

     The process of growing up into Christ,

     Answering questions that they have as they go along

     Helping them to grow spiritually, get involved in ministry




10. Remember the method Christ used;

1)      Mingled with the people

2)      Ministered to their needs

3)      Showed sympathy

4)      Won their confidence

5)      Bid them to follow Him

     This can be a slow process- don’t rush it, slowly introduce them to Christianity


Ellen White Quotes:

Who was Ellen White? ; Ellen White named by Smithsonian among the 100 most significant Americans of all time , EGW Link 2

Last Summary Ministry of Healing, Ch 7 pp.36


Christ declared that He came to recover men's lives. This work is to be done by Christ's followers, and it is to be done by the most simple means. Families are to be taught how to care for the sick. The hope of the gospel is to be revived in the hearts of men and women. We must seek to draw them to the Great Healer. In the work of healing let the physicians work intelligently, not with drugs, but by following rational methods. Then let them by the prayer of faith draw upon the power of God to stay the progress of disease. This will inspire in the suffering ones belief in Christ and the power of prayer, and it will give them confidence in our simple methods of treating disease. Such work will be a means of directing minds to the truth, and will be of great efficiency in the work of the gospel ministry.--Letter 126, 1909.