Inspiration for Health Ministry, by LEM

Made Like Our Maker

Restoring the Image of God in Man

(For this study, read also: Ministry of Healing Chapter 5)

1. When God originally created man, what was he like?


     Intelligent, healthy, beautiful, kind, humble, loved God- close relationship with God (story of the 23 inch foot print – antediluvian race was taller).

     The vital force originally endowed to Adam

     The natural setting man was placed in

     His spiritual state



2. Why has the image of God begun to be lost in man, or caused the degradation of humanity?


     Satan wanted to blot out the image of God in man

     Through temptation and sin (almost 6,000 years)


     Destructive habits






3. Teach them to keep laws of health


     8 natural remedies, also cleanliness, right thinking, right dress,

     Emphasis on temperance, and as it relates to balance or equilibrium

     Emphasis on exercise, and principle of action

     Economy- working hard and preserving resources, not spend all (like prodigal’s son)

     Cause and effect- reap what you sew

     Digestion effects our spirituality

     Principle of love


5. How does the concept of redemption make the Christian world view different than average?


     Redemption is a concept unique to Christianity!  So different than the world isn’t it? (The world is unforgiving, condemning instead of redeeming toward those who have made mistakes and errors)


6. What can we do to restore the image of God in man?


Be very patient with them, it is a slow process, just like healing wounds, or growth of a tree- nature’s pace is very slow, can’t see it grow, but then later you can see that the tree is bigger if took a picture a year later. 

    Savior is a Savior from sin. The root of all problems.

    Help them learn principles of right through our example

    Restore confidence in themselves by caring and trusting

    Introducing them to Christ, and caring for them helps fill their need for love

    Think about dirty dishes- how get clean?  Scrape them if they are dry? Very difficult

    Examples of restoring the image of God; demoniacs



Ellen White Quotes:

Who was Ellen White? ; Ellen White named by Smithsonian among the 100 most significant Americans of all time , EGW Link 2


Image of God restored by Jesus in the demoniacs;

In the early morning the Saviour and His companions came to shore, and the light of the rising sun touched sea and land as with the benediction of peace. But no sooner had they stepped upon the beach than their eyes were greeted by a sight more terrible than the fury of the tempest. From some hiding place among the tombs, two madmen rushed upon them as if to tear them in pieces. Hanging about these men were parts of chains which they had broken in escaping from confinement. Their flesh was torn and bleeding where they had cut themselves with sharp stones. Their eyes glared out from their long and matted hair, the very likeness of humanity seemed to have been blotted out by the demons that possessed them, and they looked more like wild beasts than like men. {Desire of Ages (DA) 337.1}

The disciples and their companions fled in terror; but presently they noticed that Jesus was not with them, and they turned to look for Him. He was standing where they had left Him. He who had stilled the tempest, who had before met Satan and conquered him, did not flee before these demons. When the men, gnashing their teeth, and foaming at the mouth, approached Him, Jesus raised that hand which had beckoned the waves to rest, and the men could come no nearer. They stood raging but helpless before Him. {DA 337.2}

With authority He bade the unclean spirits come out of them. His words penetrated the darkened minds of the unfortunate men. They realized dimly that One was near who could save them from the tormenting demons. They fell at the Saviour's feet to worship Him; but when their lips were opened to entreat His mercy, the demons spoke through them, crying vehemently, "What have I to do with Thee, Jesus, Thou Son of God most high? I beseech Thee, torment me not." {DA 337.3}    

Jesus asked, "What is thy name?" And the answer was, "My name is Legion: for we are many." Using the afflicted men as mediums of communication, they besought Jesus not to send them out of the country. Upon a mountainside not far distant a great herd of swine was feeding. Into these the demons asked to be allowed to enter, and Jesus suffered them. Immediately a panic seized the herd. They rushed madly down the cliff, and, unable to check themselves upon the shore, plunged into the lake, and perished. {DA 338.1}


 Meanwhile a marvelous change had come over the demoniacs. Light had shone into their minds. Their eyes beamed with intelligence. The countenances, so long deformed into the image of Satan, became suddenly mild, the bloodstained hands were quiet, and with glad voices the men praised God for their deliverance. {DA 338.2}