Inspiration for Health Ministry, by LEM

Helping People Find Answers

Sharing Your Faith Through Health Ministry

(For this study, read also: Ministry of Healing Chapter 4)

1 First- prepare ourselves


     Have a yearning for souls; Ministry of Healing (MH) ch 7 pp 33


     Let our mind become a storehouse of God’s words; MH Ch 7 pp 38


     Have the right spirit, glorify God MH Ch 7 pp 37


2. Be careful to build friendship first- the most important thing


     Friendship must be real and lasting


4.  Study and try to understand the person


     Their spiritual condition


     Understand their individual personality, preferences, etc.


     How they see the world


     What kind of questions they may have in their heart about the universe and God.


    Let it develop naturally (don’t force it in short time)


     Use conversation format for sharing about what you believe


     They may ask questions about what you believe, (as they see your life, etc)


     You may see events in their life as an opportunity to share something


6. A good way get people to talking about these things is to ask thought questions.


     Just telling them the answers is not as likely to "soak in."


7. We should be ready to answer for our faith, be prepared to explain major questions about the Bible, such as about;


     Creation / Evolution; (examples of strong evidence of Creation include the amount of erosion caused by earth major waterfalls, 1st and 2nd laws of thermodynamics, a simple cell is not simple- 3 trillion bits if information in each, Why flowers are so beautiful).


     The flood (example of strong evidence the flood happened is the fact that there's no topsoil between geological layers)


     Importance and validity of the Bible


     The Great Controversy


8. How to answer arguments without offending people


     Keep conversation friendly, light


     Pray in your mind for wisdom,


     Don’t worry, trust in God, that He and the angels can work to impress the person


     Don’t be afraid to speak the truth (but always in love)


     Keep kindness and love in your voice


     Don’t force the issue, understand that sometimes it may take time for someone to understand what you are saying (but you planted a seed)


     Give a message that is suitable for their stage of spiritual growth (for example we would never give raw broccoli to a newborn baby, they couldn’t eat it- same with spiritual sharing, it must be modified for those with very little spiritual experience).


9. A time may come when you are ready to begin formal Bible studies. When they are ready, may offer to study the Bible with them.  Sequence


     Invite them to start Bible studies

     You may want to seek a pastor’s assistance if don’t feel ready to answer their questions

     It may be best to follow a prepared booklet or correspondence


Important Topics

     Show that God is real

     Reliability of the Bible, our only reliable map to life on earth.

     History of the great controversy

     Focus on Christ in nearly every message (as suitable)

     Each time toward end ask about whether they can accept or agree.

     As far as possible help them get use to responding/accepting

     Goal is to give a Bible study that leads to a decision for Christ/ baptism.


10. Leading them to Christ

     When it seems they are ready you may try to see if they would like to accept Christ as their Savior.   After thorough Bible studies, seek a pastor’s assistance to help them begin to prepare for baptism if they are ready.



Ellen White Quotes:

Who was Ellen White? ; Ellen White named by Smithsonian among the 100 most significant Americans of all time , EGW Link 2


To Awaken Faith in the Great Healer
Because we have sanitariums for the healing of the sick we are not to cease to call upon the Great Healer. When we are urged to establish sanitariums, it is not that we may depend alone upon the simple remedies used, but that we may point the afflicted ones to the Mighty Healer of disease. We are to plead for His power to work in harmony with our medical ministrations. The work of our sanitariums would be far more successful if the physicians would read the word more earnestly and put its precepts into practice, if they would preach the kingdom of God and pray for the healing grace of Christ to come upon the afflicted. {Medical Ministry (MM) 28.4}


Let us present the gospel to the sick, connecting Jesus, the Great Healer, with the simple remedies used; and our living faith will be answered. But those who come to the Great Healer must be willing to do His will, to humble their souls, and confess their sins. As we lay hold of divine power with a faith that will not be denied, we shall see the salvation of God. {MM 29.1}

A Revelation of Christ's Compassion

……Begin to do medical missionary work with the conveniences which you have at hand. You will find that thus the way will open for you to hold Bible readings. The heavenly Father will place you in connection with those who need to know how to treat their sick ones. Put into practice what you know regarding the treatment of disease. Thus suffering will be relieved, and you will have opportunity to break the bread of life to starving souls. . . . {MM 239.4}