Inspiration for Health Ministry, by LEM

A Moment Before Eternity

Health Ministry as an End Time Work

(For this study, read also: Ministry of Healing Chapter 38)

1. What special relationship is there of health ministry with the end times?

A purpose of health ministry is to help teach the world that Jesus is coming soon

Also, to spread the 3 angels messages of Revelation 14 (which help explain coming last day deceptions)

Health ministry is the last work that will be done on earth: when all other work closes because of economic crisis or persecution, those who know how to minister to people’s health will be able to continue ministry.

2. What signs do we see now of Christ’s soon coming?

Compare with Matthew 24 to see that all things are coming true as He said they would before His coming.

Multiple disasters, wars, pestilence/disease, tumults, crime, unrest and rioting, false Christ’s, etc.

3. What kind of trials might people face in the end times?

Persecution, great deceptions, disease, famine, etc.

Revelation 13 says that in the end, no man will be able to “buy or sell” (likely a code term which includes occupation of most any kind) who doesn’t have the “mark of the beast”

There will be greats suffering in the end times. It is often through crisis and trouble that many people become willing to open their hearts to God, as they seek for answers and relief from suffering.

God is preparing His people to be ministers of mercy to care for those around them through health ministry during difficult times.

And, this will also be a great opportunity to teach people about Christ’s soon coming.

God will protect His faithful children in the end times – we don’t need to compromise morally in order to secure safety for ourselves. Even for those who don’t make it through the time of trouble, we also have the assurance of Christ soon coming.

4. What similarities are there between the Titanic story and our end time situation now?

When the Titanic was sinking, instead of letting people know the reality of the situation the leaders of the ship just played the music louder in order to distract everyone and calm their suspicions.

Our world is a sinking ship now, we should not be afraid to share this reality with people – so that they may have a chance to get into the life preserver before the ship goes down!

5. How will health ministry help us and those we care for prepare for Christ’s coming?

Because the trials in end times will be many we need to be ready to meet them.

Health Ministry is meant to prepare people in mind, body and spirit for the time of trouble and the coming of the Lord.

It is also a great blessing to us to endure trials such as Christ did- for eternity we will be closer to Jesus.

Daniel and his friends are examples of some who lived healthfully and prepared for their times of trouble. They were shown to be 10 times wiser than their other companions. Daniel endured the lions den, while his 3 friends were thrown into the fiery furnace. They miraculously survived the trial by fire!

10 virgins story Jesus told speaks of the church “sleeping” before His coming, then awakened.

Everyone knows that overeating, especially of unhealthful foods such as sugars, fats, etc. makes you feel sleepy.

Temperance and healthful living is an “awakening” message because it produces a clear mind so that we won’t be lulled to sleep and fooled by the overpowering deceptions of the last days.

When combined with the spiritual warning that Christ is soon to come, people are lead to prepare mind, body and spirit for difficult times and to prepare their lives as an offering to God at the day of His coming – so that we may stand before Him whole and beautiful/pure.

A lot of modern movies and TV with all the commercials are causing increased intemperance and love for unhealthful foods as well as sinful behaviors, and lulling people’s minds into deception. The message of spiritual temperance will lead people to seek for more natural, healthful mental diet – closer to nature and free from so much artificial stimulation.

Health ministry not only seeks to care for people’s health, it also teaches simple ways in which everyone may care for the health of their own family members (such as simple hydrotherapy treatments you can do at home, healthy cooking, etc.). This also is a surprisingly important part of end time preparation because those who keep the Law of God through the principles of loving God and loving others (their “neighbor”) will not be as likely to be fooled by end time deceptions which appeal to the selfish, carnal nature.

6. Just imagine - what do you think heaven will be like?

Whenever troubles on earth multiply, it often helps to picture the beauty of the life soon to come...

...Perfectly lovely nature and countryside with animals, flowers, birds, butterflies.

...Throughout eternals ages we will be developing our minds and studying things like science and music as well as building houses, gardens, vineyards, orchards, etc! We will probably have great feastivals and times of celebration with wonderful music programs!

...But the most wonderful thing of all will be the LOVE that is so strong and pure throughout all of society in heaven and the Earth made new! Brothers, sisters, friends, family- will all get along in peaceful harmony and deep, committed love – with no taint of argument or unfaithfulness!

We can prepare ourselves now for that heavenly life by living closer to nature, living more healthfully, and practicing principles of true love for others through doing health ministry (after all, love is doing, not just saying – right?)!

7. Important links to help understand end time truths and avoid common deceptions;

What is the mark of the beast?

Will the Church go through the tribulation?

Is Jesus coming back to old Jerusalem? (Hint: if we are looking for Jesus to come back and reign in Jerusalem on earth, we might be preparing to welcome the antichrist).

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Ellen White Quotes:

Who was Ellen White? ; Ellen White named by Smithsonian among the 100 most significant Americans of all time , EGW Link 2

In teaching health principles, keep before the mind the great object of reform—that its purpose is to secure the highest development of body and mind and soul. Show that the laws of nature, being the laws of God, are designed for our good; that obedience to them promotes happiness in this life, and aids in the preparation for the life to come.{Ministry of Healing 146.4}

We are living in the closing scenes of this earth’s history. Prophecy is fast fulfilling. The hours of probation are fast passing. We have no time—not a moment—to lose. Let us not be found sleeping on guard. Let no one say in his heart or by his works: “My Lord delayeth His coming.” Let the message of Christ’s soon return sound forth in earnest words of warning. Let us persuade men and women everywhere to repent and flee from the wrath to come. Let us arouse them to immediate preparation, for we little know what is before us. Let ministers and lay members go forth into the ripening fields to tell the unconcerned and indifferent to seek the Lord while He may be found. The workers will find their harvest wherever they proclaim the forgotten truths of the Bible. They will find those who will accept the truth and will devote their lives to winning souls to Christ.{Councels to the Church 356.3}

The Lord is soon to come, and we must be prepared to meet Him in peace. Let us be determined to do all in our power to impart light to those around us. We are not to be sad, but cheerful, and we are to keep the Lord Jesus ever before us. He is soon coming, and we must be ready and waiting for His appearing. Oh, how glorious it will be to see Him and be welcomed as His redeemed ones! Long have we waited, but our hope is not to grow dim. If we can but see the King in His beauty we shall be forever blessed.

The Church an Angel of Light
We have no time to waste. God has provided a means of recovery for sinners. By unselfish work His truth is to be represented. This is the trust He has given us, and it is to be faithfully executed. {Medical Ministry 131.4}

When will the church do her appointed work? She is represented as an angel of light, flying through heaven with the everlasting gospel to be proclaimed to the world. This represents the speed and directness with which the church is to prosecute her work. In the medical missionary work Jesus is to behold the travail of His soul. Human beings are to be snatched as brands from the burning. {Medical Ministry 131.5}

Heavenly intelligences are waiting to co-operate with human instrumentalities, that they may reveal to the world what human beings may become, and what, through union with the Divine, may be accomplished for the saving of souls that are ready to perish. There is no limit to the usefulness of one who, putting self aside, makes room for the working of the Holy Spirit upon his heart and lives a life wholly consecrated to God. All who consecrate body, soul, and spirit to His service will be constantly receiving a new endowment of physical, mental, and spiritual power. The inexhaustible supplies of heaven are at their command. Christ gives them the breath of His own Spirit, the life of His own life. The Holy Spirit puts forth its highest energies to work in mind and heart. Through the grace given us we may achieve victories that because of our own erroneous and preconceived opinions, our defects of character, our smallness of faith, have seemed impossible.